The Visit Travel App

Offers the opportunity to share your personal journey through an interactive map of the world.

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The Problem

1.3 billion people travel per year.

  • Problem 1: It’s difficult to plan a trip with so many random reviews from people you don’t even know...
  • Problem 2: There are so many places in the world to see, but many travelers lack the time to plan their trips to the fullest.

The Solution

We have created a travel documentation app for travel
lovers to share and organize their travel content in a geographical fashion.

Get Started

How to get started

1. Create a profile page

Update your picture and bio

2. Log your travels

Mark everywhere you have ever been (green) and log your social media (pictures, posts, blogs, and reviews) to each journey.

3. Create your bucket list

Mark everywhere you want to go (orange) and follow your dreams.

4. Follow your friends

Use their insight to learn more about the places in which you are looking to travel. Share your insights with the world.

5. Go travel

Fill in your map!