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A travel documentation app for people who are passionate about traveling the world!

Share your personal journey and get trustworthy travel information.

From people you know, about places you want to go

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So whats the problem?

1.3 billion people travel per year.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • How can I effectively & efficiently plan my next trip?
  • Where will I go next and what will I do when you get there?

You can go to places such as yelp, trip advisor or google reviews to get insight about the places you want to go…

But is that information trustworthy when you don’t even know the people behind those opinions?

These sources consume your time while all you consume is random and unreliable advice!


The Solution

We have created a travel documentation app for travel lovers to share and organize their travel content in a geographical fashion.

  • Share your travel experiences through your own interactive map of the world!

  • Everywhere you’ve been is green and everywhere you want to go is orange. When you click on a place you’ve been you will access all of your content from or about that place (photos, videos, blogs, reviews, etc.) Your friends and followers can see this too and get YOUR personal insight when planning their next trip.

  • Utilize your news feed to see updated travel content uploaded by your friends and the people you follow. Use your map filter to sort out all the content not related to the destination you want to know more about.

  • This eliminates random and untrustworthy information that you would get by scrolling through yelp and other travel sites. Get insight about the places you want to go, from people you know!

How to get started

1. Create your personal travel profile

Add a profile picture and bio

2. Log your travels

Mark everywhere you have ever been (green) and later upload your travel content (photos, videos, blogs, reviews, etc) while tagging your destination

3. Create your bucket list

Mark everywhere you want to go (orange) and follow your dreams, turning each location green!

4. Follow your friends

Use their insight and experiences to learn more about the places around the world you’ve never been

5. Go travel

See the world and share your journey as you go!